NBA betting strategies

NBA betting strategies

Beginning bettors can often not discern the effective ways to wager from the high number of betting strategies available for the NBA, because among these strategies are both trusted and unproven methods. The following NBA betting strategies overview will help you find the most interesting and effective strategies to use for NBA betting.

Overtime Bets

In basketball, the occurrence of overtime is quite rare. Nevertheless, statistics show that one in ten games in the NBA ends in overtime. That gives us a theoretical overtime success rate of around 10%. Considering that the average odds for overtime range from +1100 and beyond, these predictions will bring a large payout if they hit.

However, this strategy is not for players who neglect analyzing game stats and team capabilities. Not every team in the NBA goes into overtime at the same rate. For some, it only happens a couple of times a season. However, there are also teams that finish their games in overtime more often than others. The bettor’s task is to figure out the probabilities of overtime for each team and bet accordingly.

Betting on the Quarters

The use of an overtaking strategy in NBA betting is extremely common. Experts recommend using it in predicting the victory of one of the teams for specific quarters. Identical bets should be made for each quarter. These bets should differ only in the size of the stake. It is important to increase the amount of each subsequent prediction according to the current odds, so that in case of success it is possible to make a profit while taking into account any previously unsuccessful bets.

A game with an implied favorite is suitable for this strategy. The odds on the favorite’s victory in the quarter will be about +100. The betting series will end after the first win. It is possible to begin the cycle all over again if there are still 2-3 quarters left, but this is risky.

Parlay Betting

This can’t even be called a prediction strategy. A parlay is a combination of several events in one bet. The chance of winning is in the odds. Players can combine two, three or even more bets with low odds into one. This will noticeably increase the chances of success. However, it is not recommended to include a high number of events in a parlay. If so, the odds of the parlay winning can dramatically fall.

It is better to include wagers with odds ranging from -500 to -250. Individually they are not much of a return, but in a parlay they can bring in a lot of money. The total odds of this kind of bet is calculated by simply multiplying the odds of the bets included in the parlay. 

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