How much does a basketball weigh

How much does a basketball weigh

The modern basketball is the result of many improvements and modifications. According to FIBA (International Basketball Federation) rules, it has a perfect spherical shape and consists of 8 sections. Basketball balls are different depending on whether a game is to be played outdoors (outdoor) or indoors (indoor). This changes its characteristics and cost.

What it is made of, how many layers it contains

The material depends primarily on where the game will be played – outdoors or indoors.

According to the rules, the outer surface of a professional indoor ball should be made of natural or artificial leather or a combination of these, or with the use of composite leather.

These materials are suitable only for playing indoors, otherwise the asphalt coating will shorten the life of the product. Professional leagues use shells made of natural and composite leather. Such products are labeled “Indoor use only” and “supreme leather” (high quality leather).

Basketballs in the outdoor category are made of rubber. Rubber is the most affordable and unpretentious material. Such products are often used as souvenirs. It is uncomfortable to play with such a projectile indoors, because its surface, made of a synthetic material, is created especially for the street.

The surface itself of any category of product consists of four layers:

  • butyl chamber – for air concentration;
  • reinforced coating – to retain its shape;
  • The lining consisting of several layers – to maintain the elasticity of the basketball and water resistance;
  • outer coating – for durability and adhesion to the surface.

What is the size of the shell, what is its circumference, how much it weighs. The size refers to the diameter of the product, which can be found by dividing the length of the circumference by the number “Pi”. The largest size, 7, is used for official games of the men’s teams. It has a mass of 567- 650 g and its circumference is 749-780 mm. The size 6 ball is used for women’s team games. This size has a circumference of at least 724 mm, but no more than 737 mm and a weight of 510 to 567 g.

Balls size 3 and 5 are chosen for training and competition in mini-basketball for the age of players up to 12 and 8 years, respectively. A size 5 product has a circumference length of 700 mm and a size 3 to 570 mm. Their masses are 450-500 g and 350 g, respectively.

What pressure should be

An ideally inflated basketball shows a pressure of 0.48 to 0.61 atm. If the product is poorly inflated, it will deflate, and if it is over-inflated, it can become deformed. The degree of inflation can be determined by the height of the bounce. Photo 5 When falling from 1.8 meters (from the bottom of the ball) to the court, a basketball should bounce at a height of 1.2 to 1.4 meters. This can be measured from the top of the projectile. If there is no way to accurately measure the pressure, you can check it by lifting the ball in your outstretched arms and releasing it, and it should bounce at about belly button level. A well pumped product is squeezed with your thumb for 3-5 mm.

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