Even/odd strategy in bets on basketball

Even/odd strategy in bets on basketball

In classic gambling (especially – roulette) is very common betting on odd or even. This type of scheme has been successfully transferred to betting. In some sports, it caught on better than in others. A prime example – even / odd in basketball.

What is the odds in basketball?

The meaning of this bet is quite simple – the bettor is betting on how many points the teams (or one team) will have over a certain period of time. It’s not hard to guess that the number of points can only be in two ways: either even or odd. The most common time periods are as follows:

  • quarters;
  • halves;
  • the whole game as a whole.

Even/odd odds bets on quarters in basketball are in particular demand, and for good reason. The first is the simplicity of prediction. Predicting the outcome of a quarter is much easier than the results of halves or the entire game as a whole. The second is the short time frame. The bettor does not need to follow the entire game – they just need to identify a specific time frame (part of the game).

Even/Odd basketball betting strategy

It is worth saying in advance that the statistics in this case will not be the best friend for the bettor. Many beginners believe that in basketball, one team more often produces an even total, the other – the odd one, and it is possible to make predictions on this. Practice shows that this methodology does not work over the long haul, because the specific result depends on snipers, three-pointers and free throws.

But the inability to use statistics and look for patterns in teams is not yet a reason to give up on this bet. The even/odd in basketball strategy is excellent when using a catch-up. The bottom line is as follows:

  • We select the desired match (preferably – in play).
  • We look at the course of the rivalry.
  • We study the statistics of past meetings.
  • Make a bet (a maximum of 6-7% of the bank, but usually betting in the neighborhood of 1%).

Note – it is not recommended to bet the whole amount, because we are using the overtake. If the first bet goes bust, we catch up with the next match. The above steps should be repeated (including increasing the amount) until there is no win. After winning repeat everything from scratch (and sums too). In other words, we are talking about the classic catch-up.

To increase your chances, it is recommended to use small tricks and tips on betting even/odd in basketball, which have been developed in betting.
Regarding basketball, two situations can be distinguished: a roughly even score or a lead in points.

If the score is about even and the opponents are breathing down each other’s necks, we take the current result into account. For example, the score is 36-38 – then bet on the even, if 39-41 – bet odd. This scheme should be used just a few minutes before the end of the match. The logic is as follows: due to the lack of a clear advantage, the players will strive to give a guaranteed result, that is, three-pointers are in the background, while two-point shots become the main tool. In other words, even or odd will persist.

The second situation is a clear lead. Again, we take into account only the final minutes of the game. If one team is trailing by 6 or more points, it will try to close the gap and take its chances to the fullest – through three-pointers. Thus, if the score was initially even, you have to bet on the odds at the end of the game, and vice versa.

Advantages and disadvantages

Betting on even/odd in basketball has the following advantages:

  • High dynamics. You can bet several times a day and more;
  • Relative ease of analysis. You only need to know the total by the end of the quarter or match;
  • Availability. This is an extremely popular line with many bookmakers.

Disadvantages of the methodology:

  • General unpredictability. If you do not use play, the tactic will not justify itself;
  • Not the biggest odds. In the last minutes of quarters or matches, odds are often undervalued;
  • Risks. Much depends on the luck of the bettor.

If you combine all the nuances in a single whole, it turns out that betting on the odd or even in basketball – a tactic that is primarily designed for beginners or seasoned experts in the sport. If a bettor has a gift for predicting the total in a few minutes, he will be successful. At the same time, for amateur bettors, the insurance is the overtake, which is most often used in this scheme.

Final Tips for Applying the Strategy

To benefit from an even/odd strategy, it is advisable to remember the following:

  • Break your bank into pieces;
  • Use the overtake;
  • Do not rely on statistics and illusory trends;
  • Choose a bookmaker with good odds;
  • Choose big tournaments.

Special attention should be paid to the last recommendation. There is no need to pick local competitions. Ours is all NBA and similar leagues. You only need to bet on professionals who have been on competent rosters for more than a year.
All this will allow you to survive even a losing streak of 5-6 predictions.

Thus, tactics on even or odd totals is not a full-fledged strategy – it is a common and extremely common bet, which is paired with a takeaway.

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