Double-Double and Triple-Double in Basketball

Double-Double and Triple-Double in Basketball

In basketball, there are several basic statistics that count separately for players. These are either effective offensive actions or successful defensive play that helps prevent the opponent’s offense from attacking effectively:

  • steals
  • rebounds
  • points
  • assists
  • blocked shots

What is a double-double in basketball?

A double-double is a kind of achievement of a player that counts a certain way. If a basketball player scores 10 points in at least two of the above categories in a single game, a double-double is recorded. If, for example, a player scores 10 points and commits 10 steals, and all other indicators are 0, a double-double will still count.

What is a triple-double in basketball?

A triple-double is basically the same term, the only difference being that 10 points should be scored in 3 categories instead of 2. The seemingly simple distinction on paper is actually quite different in game terms.

And while a double-double is an everyday occurrence, especially for team leaders, a triple-double usually counts as a very serious achievement, and even the NBA’s biggest stars don’t achieve it in every championship game.

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